Saturday, January 26, 2013

GCW Reaches Kickstarter Funding Goal; heading towards stretch goals for a March (?!) delivery

The GCW Zero Kickstarter campaign reached its funding goals a few days ago, and now seems close to hitting close to $200k in funding. This is a tempting console, filling in the gap between a Dingoo class and Android gaming console device.  I do think it’s important to at least read this thread on Dingoonity before rushing to join in. There is clearly support for such a device (don’t we all know it – or you wouldn’t be here) but Kickstarter delivery records are not always the best for shiny new toys, and delivery in March is so tempting it sounds almost misleading, considering Chinese New Year is coming, and not all of the original pre-kickstarter supporters of preordered units have received their units yet.

Don’t let this stop you from pledging – just do it with open eyes, please, and be prepared to wait. All good things … 

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