DeenOX’s JXD S7300B First Impressions Review

First look and impressions about JXDS7300B


There is a spanish version of this article on the Deen0X’s Blog

This article is not a full review, is my very first impressions about the device and i want to share with you, before my review.

Take a note that this first impressions may change when i write the full review of the product in the next days.

And, please, apologize my poor english. I will do my best to write this article and make it understandable.

Quality of the product

The first impression when i got the device is that is a good  quality product, away from what usually come from chinese factories and many people related directly as chinese = poor quality. The true is this device give a feel of a very quality product, with quality materials in his building.



Ok, this is a real D-PAD, not a 4 buttons that emulate ones. I noticed that the D-PAD Left of the sample i testing is a little bit hard to press than the other directions. I assume this issue will dissapears with the normal use of the device.

The Analog Sticks

This is one of the most important points of this device, and a question that many people have been doing these days, because JXD always fall in the same error on each of his previous devices, linking the D-PAD with the Analog stick, and losing the real analog from any device.

Fortunately, this time they put real sticks on the device, and this is the first thing i tested on the device.

I captured a video where i show and confirm that the sticks (both of them) are real.

The video above i grabbed using my phone, and don´t get a good quality, but is enought to understand the way i tested the sticks and with this get the confirmation about real analog sticks.

The main problem now are from emulators. Only few of them have support for analog sticks. I tested Mupen64, wich supposedly have support for analogs, and i cannot map correctly the D-PAD and Left Stick in separated way, not linked, and the C-Buttons to be assigned to the right Stick.

Note: Sometime, in some test, i can handle D-PAD and Left Analog in separated way, and i get them mapped unliked in the emulator, but when i tried again to mapping these controls to grab a video, i cannot get them unliked again, and until now i don´t know how to do again.

I’ll keep testing to try to get the way to map these controls in separated way (unliked)

The right stick is not suprised to me, because with other devices i cannot get them to be mapped to c-buttons too, except if i use some tool such GameKeyboard, that let me assign Sticks to keys from a standard keyboard, and with this map these controls in any emulator as normal keys.

Anyway, I managed to map virtual controls of the Mupen64 emulator with the physical controls of the device, and i get Mario to walk normally (not running) in Super Mario 64 when i push softly on the stick. (and run if i push heavy)

Finally, about controllers, i must comment about a weird behavior of the Right Stick when the mapping tool is active. The mapping location is fixed on screen (near the center of the screen) and behavior is similar to “Target” button type on the Archos Gamepad Mapping tool. You can see what i talking about from minute 1:05 of the video i posted above.

Until now, i don´t know how to change this assignment.

About the Screen

the quality of the screen is normal for a product of this specs/price. Not bad, but no exceptional.

Vision angles are so similar to other products from this same kind, and his weak point is viewing from bottom of the screen.

The bright i feel a little bit low. This point i will test when i use normally the device next days, when i’m on the street or the underway. For now i think is enought for normal usage.


Well, from now this is my first impression of the device. Now i will work in the review.


The above is just extracts from DeenOX’s article. Go here for the full article:


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