Monday, December 10, 2012

Willgoo Christmas competition week #2–Win a YDPG 17!

Starting! 2012 Christmas Contest- Week #2
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It is hard for us to select the best design in last contest. Finally we pick out mezgho's design. Congratulations! As Christmas Day is coming near, our contest is on its way going to Week #2:

This week’s contest: Create a Slogan to Willgoo

Still envy the winner in our week #1 contest just because you are not good at photographic? Well, you still get chance to win as we have three more contests in this month. No more PS this week but we require you to create a slogan to Willgoo.
Many of you here may be familiar with Willgoo. If not, just visit : It is easy to get a general idea on what Willgoo is. Baring in mind that those interesting and meaningful slogans will get more attention from us. Check the rules for this contest:

1.   Slogan can be a short phrase or some words. Keep them as short as possible.
2.   No any offensive, Racism words in this slogan
3.   Do not copy from others. We prefer the original one.
4.   Your entry must be submitted as a reply to this thread (you can enter this contest more than once as you want- multiple slogans can be accepted!), submit your entries between 8nd to 14th December, 23:59 GMT

Want to get one more prize, Mr winner from Week #1? Yes, it is allowed as every people can enter as many times as they can- no matter they win or not in our certain contest.

The prize for this contest is one unit Yinlips YDPG17:

Remember, go to this dingoonity thread to enter!

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