Monday, December 10, 2012

JXD S5300 (a 5 inch version of the JXD S602) released

JXD has now released its new JXD S5300 model – essentially the popular (for this sort of thing) JXD S602 with a 5 inch screen and form factor, and you can get one now from Willgoo here for a mere $89.99! This baby talks to the JXD S602 – see the video below.  Think of this as the JXD S602 XL of the JXD 602’s, a la Nintendo’s NDS XL range … oh fuggit, JXD really needs to work on their marketing budget!

I’ll let willgoo do the talking:

Good news! The first batch stock of JXD S5300 had been well received. You can place your order for it now here!

An interesting finding from us- JXD S5300 can be linked with JXD S602 to play games:

What do you think of this new device? It is a new device whose features and design combines JXD S5110 and JXD S602- the real capacitive touch screen and with the WiFi-Direct Multi-playing and key mapping, whose features that JXD S5110 do not have. And it owns 5 inches capacitive touch- not sure if it is 5 points as we need to test it, bigger screen than JXD S602 and better touch screen control.

You can compare it with JXD S602 and S5110. We will bring you more details for this device in these coming days.

Here is the general gaming reviewing that we took from JXD:

At a glance on JXD S5300: (information gained from JXD official site. We will test the device once we get the prototype)

1. Manufactured Root+ USB debugging

2. 5.0 inch(800x480), capacitive touch screen

3. All games icon display, display all the games in the machine and TF card

4. 1GHz CPU+ 512MB DDR3

5. WiFi Direct Flight

6. Virtual Buttons Mapping

7. HDMI Dual Screen Display

Here are pictures taken by Willgoo:- note: the cleaning cloth with Willgoo logo is a small gift for you!


The Testing from Antutu- I am sorry I am so bad at taking photos on it. Hope you guys can see it.

Tempted? Here’s that link again to buy one!


  1. i pre-ordered one week ago,cant wait to get it..
    damn now i wish i pick a white one instead of black :)....
    why is cpu frequency 215.07? it says its 1ghz in description?
    i hope the screen its good for viewing from angles
    not like easypix smartpad ep750 i have u cant even put it flat on your desk and look at it the color is all dark etc. u have to hold it straight in front of face if u tilt it even a little it gets messy.


    1. DeenOX is right. The CPU is 1GHz, the speed downclock to 217.07 MHz when we took the picture of the Antutu result. It is normal. In fact, it is 1Ghz. Thanks.

  2. CPU Frequency... probably when they take a photo, the speed downclock to 217.07 MHz to save battery

    this is caused by the governor of the device (probably interactive)

    don´t worry about this. is normal.


  3. Got mine yesterday. Overall it is a pretty good Android platform device. The hardware is solid feeling, with excellent fit and finish. The screen is bright and sharp, but has very narrow viewing angle. The supplied emulators work pretty well -- I'm still working my way through testing them all out. One problem for me -- the supplied instructions are all in Chinese - no english. The device itself is Android, and defaulted to English, so that's good.. but I am unable to sort out how to adjust the key mapping in the N64 emulator. I've tried several "first person" type games and nothing seems to move around correctly.

  4. Why not use the very cheap and popular RK3066 found in several tablet and media pc like the mk808. Those media pc can be found for as cheap as $40 including shipping and scores over 3 times higher in Antutu , so is there a reason to still use those slow processors? How much more would a console cost if they chose that processor instead?