“Hello World” on long forgotten Gemei GA330

Anyone remember this device from circa May 2011?

Serious work was done by Booboo on getting dingux onto it, but he hasn’t been involved in the scene for quite some time, and there has been no action on the Gemei GA330 device since. So Steward doing this offers a sliver of hope:

"Hello, world!" code and boot from SDCard

Hi, after one day working to disassembly Booboo's rom.bin(SDCard binary file).
Now, i have modified the disassembly file to assembly code and this code cab be compiled as binary file.
this binary file cab also be burned to 2G SDCard and show some initial message(Hello, world!) via uart(rs232).
i think this is a small milestone to hack ga330 game handheld.
i will continue to do such thing and find out all registers(if i can). :)
all steps as following:
uart line as following:


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