Win a Dual Core JXD S7300 Dual Core from Willgoo gives you the chance to win one of these hot new JXD S7300 Dual Core Android Joy devices (you can’t actually buy one yet, but winning one is an even better optionSmile)

Win JXD S7300 Dual Core-How you want us to Sell it


yep, JXD S7300 dual core is still not available. But as the rumors said, it will be released before 2012 Christmas. We will bring it to you once this device is OK. But now we offer a chance for every body here in Dingoonity: You guys get chances to win one unit JXD S7300 sent from Willgoo- yes, when we retock it.

We need you tell us how you want us to sell this device when it is available. For example, we will sell in bundles such as:  JXD S7300+ 32GB external memory card+ Strap+ pouch bag+ screen protector or any combos you suggest us to list.

1. People can post his suggestions, and don´t worry if this is posted before( posted by you or others!)
2. Give some reasons about why will buy this bundle
3. All posts will become consider, and the most interesting answer (may be a mix of other answers) + some reason why this will become a good pack

Anyway, I think people here are smart and you can teach us the way we sell JXD S7300. You can post your comments here as many times as you want. But this "campaign" will last till we get JXD S7300. We will pick out the only lucky people whose comment are the best- his comment did bring us a practical and interesting way to sell JXD S7300. We will list his "selling way"- of course with JXD S7300 on Willgoo and create a special price for people here.

Remember do not talk those Unrealistic ways for us to sell JXD S7300. The ways only god can do that is not suitable for us. Let's back to the earth and start now!

Oh, may be I should introduce something about JXD S7300 since no every one know it. Check it below:

1. Dual core, 1.5GHz CPU, 1GB DDR3, 7.0-inch HD Screen (1024*600), 5 point capacitance
2. Android 4.1
3. 3 ways of controlling games: Buttons, Touch, Gravity
4. The second generation of Android Buttons Mapping: Double LR buttons, Two sticks, Visual control of 360 degree
5. Millions of Android games, 9 kinds of Simulator games
6. The second generation of Game cloud services
7. 3 ways of Surfing the Internet: Wi-Fi, Network Cable, 3G
8. HDMI Dual-screen display

- You will win the JXD S7300B- that is JXD S7300 dual core

Go to this thread on Dingoonity to enter!


  1. I definatly think that basicly what you suggested above - JXD S7300+ 32GB external memory card+ Strap+ pouch bag+ screen protector - would be the way I would like to purchace this. However instead of a pouch if there was something like a binder/folder like the kindles have that would even be better. Hope this sells well would really like to see more advanced ones in the future.

  2. I think you should add more pic,
    1)Android 4.1 pic (in-screen)
    2)Dead Trigger pic
    3)Modern Combat 3 pic
    4)Call Of Duty Black Ops Zombies pic
    add those things and you should be golden

  3. The JXD S7300 sounds like the perfect travel companion. I imagine that I would primarily use it for travel gaming, listening to music and streaming video like Netflix or Crunchyroll. Based on how I use my Dingoo A320, I think I'd have the following on my want list for this device.
    - Travel Pouch (preferably one that makes room for the headphone jack)
    - Portable tablet stand
    - 32GB MicroSD (or 16GB minimum)
    - Earbud headphones (if the S7300 doesn't already come with a set)
    I didn't add a screen protector to this list because I'm not sure what kind of glass the JXD S7300 has. The original screen protector for my A320 fell off a while back and it's held up pretty well without it. I do have a rubber grip sleeve for it, but I'm not sure that would be necessary for the S7300. Either way, the items listed above would be my first picks for a bundle package.

  4. i would love to get my JXD S7300B with the following bundle:
    1. JXD S7300
    2. travel pouch ( making it a travel friendly gamepad coz its the best use for it )
    3. bass- reflect headphones ( enhancing the sound quality for a better movie & audio experience )
    4. 16GB microSD min. (although 32GB would be great)
    5. screen guard (is a must for keeping it protected)
    6. OTG cable
    seems to be a full combo pack for me as it fulfills all the min. requirements for this most awaited gamepad

  5. My purchase setup would be:

    1. The S7300 of course

    2. 16GB SD card (32G or 64G would be too much I think, since manufacturers have to gain profit, too, so 16GB would be just enough)

    3. A protective case, not specifically a travel case, but not too specific on the material. Anything thick will do. What's important is that it will be protected against unexpected knocks

    4. A generic bluetooth keyboard would be nice, too, but if it's too much, a tablet stand will do.

    That's it. Of course I had to think too about the seller's profit. I think my list is just right as a starter pack.


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