New version of Gamekeyboard released for Android gaming consoles!

apeine from our forums reports:

Ok, folks,

A new gamekeyboard version (3.0.0) just came out yesterday, and YES, it does work on ICS. There is a new option "Advanced input detection", along with mapping all buttons and all hardkeys to such buttons. Just run your prefered game, position your controls and hide the keyboard! Voilá! Games running with physical buttons.
So far, I got Gangstar Rio to run well (in this game, you don't press the keypad on screen, just slide it). So choose this option on gamekeyboard and you are fit to run.


  1. hi, do you have a link please? :p

  2. Coccijoe, link is:

    gamekeyboard can be found on android store. A worthy buy.
    BTW, thanks for all the help when I had an A320e.


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