Monday, September 3, 2012

Seagal’s Neodingoo - Neopop Emulator port for A320 Native Firmware

Thanks to Seagal, and keep up the great work!:


I'm porting Neopop emulator for dingoo a320 Native firmware.

Currently is in very basic stage, but most games are playable.

Here is the link for download for first release

and here is my blog, you can grab the picture of the emu from here if you want.

The blog and the readme are on spanish only, sorry, but I think is not a problem now with google translator :P


Here is a google translate of Seagal’s blog:

Porting the Android Neopop I ran into some problems with the controls and the multitouch, so to find a solution while I lingered in porting what we had for the native firmware dingoo a320 console, and test the new Dingoo step FlatMush SDK. The result is this.

I know there is already an emulator neo geo pocket for native firmware 'szNeoPop760.sim', but it works pretty bad and there was only one version, in 2009. This moment is a little faster and there are more chances of actualize :) That if a first version is pretty green, no sound, the switch accepts only roms roms number fit on screen, does not work when 100% in every game, some are hung, the black and White do not have the right colors and some sprites go all white ... puyo puyo but doing great! From time any version of Dingux works much better, but hey, little by little. And thanks to this port I could solve the problems I had with the controls in android, which were not the fault of the touch screen if not routine he had done for the controls. NeoDingoo Download 0.1.0

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