Thursday, September 20, 2012

New custom firmware for dingoo technology a380

Great news from alien grey for Dingoo A380 users:

Re: New Dingoo A-380 Firmware V2.04.00
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The new custom Dingoo A-380 Firmware Version 2.04.00 is available for download.

New in this custom firmware is a new menu item "SDL Emulators" and a new full speed SEGA Mega Drive emulator build by d_smagin. 8)

How to use this emulator:

From my own experience use 8 bit fast and Frameskip 0 or Auto and Sound quality 16000Hz stereo for full speed. Some games won't run without graphical glitches with these settings. To fix that use 16 bit or 8 bit accurate with frameskip Auto but keep the sound quality at 16000Hz stereo. Other settings may also work very good but these are the ones that I'm using.

Settings can be saved to change them as the default ones but it's also possible to save settings for a single game if necessary.

Note: To enter the menu press Select.

Enjoy your new full speed SEGA Mega Drive emulator.
Thanks to d_smagin for his excellent work on this emulator. ;)

PS: Don't forget to download the Dingoo A-380 Version 2.04.00 emulator pack. More emulators more fun. ;D
Download here: or go to the Dingoo a380 forum on

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