Saturday, September 8, 2012

NesterOD 0.1 for OpenDingux

NesterOD 0.1

NESTERDC has been ported to OD!

Release Notes:

Hi, this is a port of “NesterDC for SDL” (which is part of a port of Nester for the Sega Dreamcast).

Yes, another NES emulator for OpenDingux, but I think this one is the best (all credits to Nester and NesterDC developers).

- Based on NesterDC 7.1
- Almost fullspeed without frameskip at 336Mhz
- Really good sound at 44100Mhz
- Save/Load states
- SRAM support
- Support for a LOT of mappers (~130)
- Added support for .zip files

Not tested:
- FDS support. The code is there, maybe it works!
- External devices (gun, keyboard, paddle)
- Tested on OpenDingux first end-user release, but maybe it works in older versions.

For the next release I’ll add:
- Fullscreen mode
- Optimizations (if possible)

D-Pad, A, B, Select and Start – NES controller
Y – Save State
X – Load State
Hold – Pause nester (Hold again to resume)
L – Exit nester (on the next release this will open the GUI)

put nester.od wherever you want, add a link on GMenu2X and use the “selector browser” option


Download Source:

News source:

Thanks to Qbertaddict!

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