Wednesday, September 12, 2012

How to root the JXD S602–by Skelton

Thanks again Skelton for this guide!


[HOW TO] Root JXD s602
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This is a brief tutorial on how to make root to s602:

first of all download and extract file to the folder you want:

- Connect your s602 to PC in USB debugging mode. Go to Settings/Developer Options/USB debugging
- Allow system to install apps from unknown sources. Go to Settings/Security/Unknown sources.

System should install drivers automatically (at least it did on mine). If not, tell Windows update to search for drivers or try this generic ones.


Now, with console in USB debugging Mode, run the file root.bat. (We'll keep the program script opened until the end of the process)

- System will power off, and script will ask us to press a key (We don't do it yet)

- Power on s602 again and reconnect using usb debugging mode, probably you will need to unplug and plug the usb cable.

- Now we press a key and system will power off again.

- We power on again and repeat the process like in previous step. At this time it is possible that screen shows some bad colours on screen. Don't worry, it's ok.

- Now with USB debugging connected again we press a key in the screen, the script will show in screen the following:
    Adb remount, and next it will copy some files to our PC. When it finishes system will power off again . You can close the script and we have rooted the device.

There is a second step that is not necessary but I suggest doing it anyway.

We power on the s602 and we will see superuser app installed in our system.

- Open superuser and go to settings:

Select the option Su Binary v3.0.3.2. System will update our su binaries and place them at the system/bin folder. (you need wifi for that).

Superuser will tell us that we are up to date, but we click on "update anyway".

Probably we get a fail warning in line "remounting /system as ro", but it's ok. We repeat the process using option "that was cool, do it again"

Now superuser will update our binaries and we are finished.

P.D; I don't know if this method works for other GP33003 devices like Yinlips g17, g19 o JXd s603, but it deserves a try,

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