Monday, August 27, 2012

Tehcrucible releases update to Droid X360 Super Script


Hey guys, v0.3 of SuperScript is finally up!  I've updated the OP.  HUGE swag of features and improvements in this one so go take a look.  Please give me feedback and bug reports! 
NOTE: I do recommend running this version of SuperScript from a fresh install.  I know its a pain in the arse but after this version, you do not need to factory restore anymore so hopefully this will be the last time! ;D

- Significant tidy up of code and dependencies
- Cleanest, fastest version of SuperScript to date
- Consolidated Steps 3-5 into "Express" step
- Option to incrase system UI size
- Better touchscreen sensitivity and responsiveness
- Increased WiFi speeds
- Increased battery life
- Remaps gamepad controls to correct "gamepad" keycodes
- Removes Apex Launcher as default
- Restores File Browser app
- Updated Google Apps & patched Play Store again
- No need to restore factory settings after install
NOTE REGARDING UPGRADES:  This version of SuperScript is by far the cleanest and most stable version to date.  I have worked very hard to remove unnecessary files, commands and dependencies and to tweak as specifically as possible. As such, I STRONGLY recommend you run v0.3 from a fresh install of Willgoo's firmware. 
v0.3 has removed the need to restore to factory defaults after the script so, in theory, you could simply run v0.3 over the top of v0.2 and see how you go.  However, for best results, you will want to run from a clean flash.  v0.3 will be the basis of future work on the SuperScript and I will endeavor to not ask you to restore factory again! =)
Also, please note the system UI size feature is still experimental.  While I haven't encountered any errors so far, I can't guarantee all apps will run correctly when using a non-standard DPI setting.  Please let me know if you find any bugs!

Get it here:

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  1. Thank you so much for your hard work. I've been eagerly keeping tabs on this device. Would you say its the best portable emulation I could grab right now or still a few issues left? Sounds like the only problem now is slightly stiff buttons? I'm hoping Banjo Kazooie will run on it.