Sunday, August 19, 2012

K1GBA in new form factor … introducing the K101GBA SP clone!

Looks like someone’s found a use for those excess A330 cases at last …

How about using Gemei A330's case for GBA SP? It is K101 GBA SP- hardware clone, 100% game compatibility to GBA roms, unfolded version, excellent button contorl, headphone offered. For more information, visit:

The main differences between the K1 and the K101, apart from the change to a more comfortable form factor, include a more responsive d-pad and buttons. Due to the larger casing, there is space to accommodate a real RTC funtion into the K101, so all your Pokemon games will fully function. Unlike the K1, the K101 includes a normal 3.5mm video output, and headphones are also also supported through a seperate 3.5mm port. You can enjoy its excellent audio output when playing games or listening to MP3s without any special cables or adaptors needed. Coming to the Screen, K101 uses AUO high difinition screen- 3 inches with resolution: 960x480.

More luvverly pictures here!

It retails for $59.99, and you can preorder one from the K1GBA folk here:

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