YDPG18A Android game compatability list

Suneyes27 shares his findings on Android games that work on his YDPG18A – thanks dude!

I've looked around for something like this (I own a YDPG18A) but have found nothing of the sort.
I know that we might have different devices, but I can say for a fact that the following android games DO work on mine:

Dead Space - Works perfectly if you download the files through the apk, glitches out otherwise.

Shadowgun - No issues at all, doesn't even need Chainfire 3D. Looks phenomenal.

Riptide - Doesn't look that great, so version I have is probably meant for weaker devices.

Dead Trigger - Make sure to download directly from the market, it's the only version that works now

Need for Speed Shift - Menus for me are all blanked out, so I have to "guess"; game itself works okay

GT Motor Academy - Strangely, the menus work in the default orientation, but to race you have to flip the YDPG18A upside down for it to work

Gangstar Rio - Works flawlessly

Six Guns - Crashed once but otherwise worked great with very little slowdown

Games that did not work for me no matter what I tried:

Real Racing 2 - Game loaded and played but the world was glitched out and unplayable. Might be worth checking back to see if there are solutions for this

World of Goo - Glitch graphics

Sonic CD Lite - Glitch graphics

I should note that accelerometer games sometimes require that you go into Settings --> Display --> Accelerometer Coordinate System and switch from the two options. Some games work with the first one, some work with the second one. There's no vertical accelerometer functionality, which is really disappointing; and no emulators can use accelerometer despite having the option available.

Finally on compatibility, I would assume that most games that are older (like older gameloft games) or basic (like fruit ninja) work, even though there might be some glitches here and there. When it comes to higher end games (like NOVA 3 or the new Batman or Spiderman games), it's really a gamble. And since the games are so large and take so much time to download, I don't know if I'm going to bother.

Hope this helps in some way.


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