Friday, May 18, 2012

Robert Broglia author of .emu emulators working on YDPG18 A10 sound bug (with a little help from

Robert Broglia, author of the great .emu android emulators, offered to work on fixing the YDPG18 sound bug, but he didn’t have a YDPG18:

I'm definitely interested in minimizing the audio latency to get the games running more like a real console which would definitely benefit a device like the YDPG18. I've made a list of programming tasks that will help with the sound issue:
*Re-write the core audio code with the OpenSL ES API (avoids the Android Java audio API and is all native code to eliminate any virtual machine overhead)
Variable audio buffer sizes to trade off lower latency versus less resilience to background apps causing dropped frames
Look at the underlying Android sound server code to see if any modifications may help (assuming the device is open to OS modifications)
Look at the audio driver code in the Linux kernel to see if any modifications may help (assuming the driver is open-source)
Another important factor is whether the device can maintain a constant 60fps under reasonable conditions (only basic background processes running like email notifications for example). CPU-wise all it takes is minimizing any CPU-intensive tasks so they don't run at the same time as the emulator. GPU-wise it can vary on how the driver is written. If there's any sudden CPU->GPU copying stall it can cause an intermittent frame drop which will make the sound skip if using a very low latency buffer.

Luckily, the nice guys from have now sent him one, and it should be with him soon.  Robert, good luck with your hunt for the sound bug – please keep us all posted on your progress!

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