Sunday, May 13, 2012

New willgoo coupon code for JXD S5110 with a new coupon code, for those of you interested in the new ICS JXD S5110:

Dear Larry,
Here is another new coupon code for JXD S5110:
The coupon code is" willgoo4gifts ". People will get 8% discount while using this coupon to buy JXD S5110 on Willgoo. It will be available from 11th, May 2012 to 14th, May 2012.
It is very easy to find the meaning of this coupon code. It is a kind of way for Willgoo offering gifts. It is a kind of compensation because of our messed up the description on this device.
To let more people know this, we wonder if you can help us to release this coupon code?

Can’t wait to click and pay? You can get one from here.

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