Sunday, May 20, 2012

New Genesis/Megadrive emulator for native Dingoo OS

GOLDEN DAY! There is a new genesis emu for native OS!This is as good as Picodrive for Dingux.



  1. i love you xDDDDD i wait a good MD emulator for mi a320 for 3 long years jeje thanks amigo

    from uruapan michoacan mexico

  2. Yes, i think the DingooSMD is one of the best emulators ever written to the Dingoo A320 native OS.

    Best performance, best compatibility for Megadrive/ Genesis romset.
    Every Megadrive/ Genesis game work at fullspeed!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Forget native MD emulator even Picordrive for Dingux :)

    S E G A M E G A D R I V E R O C K S !