Tuesday, March 13, 2012

DingooSNES 1.1 For The Native-OS

DingooSNES 1.1 For The Native-OS

March 07, 2012, 11:19:56 PM by qbertaddict

DingooSNES has been updated! Grab it now. We really need someone to port this to Open Dingux!


Translation from a320.emulate.su(Thanks Again Guys!)
List of changes
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v1.1 - 28/2/2012:
-option «Auto save SRAM» Moved to section «Advanced sets -> Other settings», the default display in the "ON".
Added-«Fast forward» to fast-forward emulation (see "Keyboard shortcuts in the game".)
-When you access the volume control on the keyboard shortcuts instead of the figures shows the scale of the volume.
-Fixed minor bugs in the rendering user interface, menu items are renamed.
Added-delete key on the «X» game state saved in the selected slot.
Added auto-ROM compressed file when you exit the emulator and the option in the menu to activate this feature.
, Added an alternative mode of counting the FPS which displays the number of virtual proemulirovannyh frames.
, In the assembly version, based on Snes9x v1.43, added new optimization flags that enhance performance.
, rewritten from scratch unit responsible for maintaining the game state, held refactoring code.
-Fixed bug where spoiled stored in the slots of the state, if the two save slot to perform a quick save in memory.
, updated information in the document README, added some art to news portals.

Author/Porter: lion_rsm
Download: http://narod.yandex.ru/100.xhtml?rsm-files.narod.ru/dep/DingooSNESv11.zip


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