DingooNES For The Native-OS

DingooNES For The Native-OS

March 07, 2012, 11:14:17 PM by qbertaddict

Sorry for not posting this sooner! Thanks goes to everyone that messaged me about it. This is a great NES emulator for out beloved DINGOO. Anyone want to port it to OpenDingux?


Description is in another language thanks goes to a320.emulate.su for the translation.
Why is this better than analog emulator?
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At the moment, under the Dingoo Native OS emulator, there is only a standard NES - NES.SIM. DingooNES emulator has several advantages over its analog:
- unified user interface (future emulators of other systems will have the same interface) with user-friendly and intuitive operation;
- high-speed emulation, not yielding counterparts, and in some cases superior to them;
- excellent compatibility with games through the use of nuclear emulation FCEUX v2.1.5;
- support for hardware bilinear scaling using IPU;
- support for games on TV standards NTSC and PAL;
- support for loading compressed ROM file games, as well as automatic compression ROM files
- the ability to override control keys;
- safe working emulator for Dingoo, connected to the TV;
- Fast forward emulation - Fast Forward;
- special modes run the emulator.

Author/Porter: lion_rsm
Download: http://rsm-files.narod.ru/dep/DingooNESv10.zip


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