Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Yinlips YDPG16 on pre order at www.willgoo.com

For $89.99 UDS … here’s what the blurb says: http://www.willgoo.com/yinlips-ydpg16-android23-retro-handheld-wifi-preorder-p-196.html

Currently, this Yinlips YDPG16 retro handheld accepts Pre-order! As the first round of production, the quantity of this new Android is limited. We will restock this console around 15th, March. We will arrange shipping firstly for those people who pre-order for this console. It is a smaller and less expensive Android console comparing with Yinlips YPDG18.

As Yinlips consistent excellent design style, Yinlips YDPG16 also adapted Ergonomic Design and streamline design with 4.3" touch Screen, it makes the whole game player Compact and Exquisite, bring users new fashionable stream. At the same time, this touch screen adapted two-point touch, it brings users convenient and comfortable operation. With high performance solution Boxchip A10 processor, Max 1.5G main frequency, 512M DDR3 and Android2.3 /4.0(It can upgrade later.) operation system, built-in WIFI Wireless module, all of these high standard corollary solution make it visit web faster,supporting downloading on line, reading,Office software. At the same time, it Supports flash web and game, online video, etc.

With strong game function, it not only supports many games, such as classic Arcade game, Sony, Nintendo,Sega, touch games, also support android wonderful games, such as angry birds, catch fish, etc, in addition, it can play multi-player against network games, bring more entertainment further. In order to bring more comfortable gaming experience ,YDPG16 also equipped with the humanized game classification management, and optimize the simulator.

With HD Video solution, YDP-G16 support to play 2160 HD and 3D Video, 1080P decoding, support many video format, such as RM、RMVB、MKV、MOV、AVI、FLV、3GP、MP4, etc. Meanwhile, it also equipped HDMI HD output function and Dual-Camera at the front and back. Of this device .In addition, it’s said that this camera can support 1080P Video-recording, Video chat by connecting WIFI.

  • BOXCHIP A10 1.2G , Android2.3 OS; RAM:512M
  • 4.3" HD TFT double touch screen
  • Support 8bit NES / FC, GB, GBC; 16bit SMC, SMD, SFC / SNES; 32bit GBA, MAME; 64bit N64 and SONY PS games
  • Support 3D PSX (480X272); HD 3D (800x480) Android APK 3D games; Flash11games; Flash online games; support full screen touch games, direction and gravity sensor games, multi-player fight games
  • Dual camera for DC&DV function
  • Support gravity sensor direction
  • Full format audio decoding; multitask play; listen to music while reading e-book and playing games; multi-channel outputs
  • Support 1080P(1920x1080pixel)decoding;support RM/RMVB, PPTV, online TV and online movie
  • Support flash player11 flash online
  • Wi-Fi;quickly open any website, watch news, handle business, read and download online; support website flash display
  • Support E-mail, Office, Word, Excel; support multi-input and handwritten input methods; support QQ chat and video chat
  • Audio and video output (HDMI),HDMI 720P - 1080P HD output
  • E-book: Support TXT, Adobe, i-Reader and PDF
  • Clock, calendar
  • Picture browsing, 3D images switch
  • Directly support date sharing: HD movies in hard-disk, digital camera, mobile phones, Udisk, card reader. OTG function: Can link with printer


  1. will this play psx emulator? i will pre order if it does..

  2. Yep that's what it say's @ least this on don't look like a psp lol

  3. Without shoulder buttons? No thanks...

  4. From some of the images on yinlips' page, it does look like it has shoulder buttons; http://i.imgur.com/K9Siq.png

  5. It supports psx emulator. Function like the Yinlips YPDG18. For the should buttons, we got confirm from Yinlips that there are L,R buttons. We will update more pictures for this product later. You can pre-order this item if you are interesting. Feel free to get back to us via email; sales@willgoo.com if you need any help from us. Thanks.

  6. Does it have the same button problems as the G18?
    Because no matter what specs, what great emulators there are, the problems with several buttons not working simultaneously, the d-pad freaking out all the time, not to mention the useless analog stick... are the reasons I consider my brand-new G18 a waste of money and I haven't touched after I owned it for a few days.
    Is that fixed in the G16?
    Also, consider that Yinlips said they will not make any software update or bugfix for the G18. If there are any problems with the new G16, Yinlips will probably behave the same with it - and ignore it's customer's troubles.

  7. What's odd is that I emailed Willgoo and they said specifically that there are no shoulder buttons...

  8. So it seems JXD Brand seems to be more reliable than the Yinlips one. I hope an upgraded version of the JXD S601 will be released soon. No Shoulder buttons on this G16 would make it a true piece of junk. According to some people this G16 has the exact same design of the yinlips G92 which does have shoulder buttons.

  9. Let's confirm some details about this upcoming Yinlips YPDG16 as below:

    1. There are L,R shoulder buttons( We will update a detail pricture for these two buttons later)

    2. Like Yinlips 18, it supports psx emulator.

    3. Buttons on Yinlips 16 had been updated a lot. It is with a better control for the buttons including the D-pad.

  10. Hello Mr. Willgoo,

    Is the resolution of the screen 800x480 or just 480X272 ?(I mean that in general, like watching movies browsing the net)

    Can this console be charged with an mini usb cable or dose it come with its own separate charger/adapter.

    And lastly, is the CPU 1.5 GHz or just the standard 800 MHz + the GPU 400?

    Thank you in advance!

  11. I don't understand why we cant get the red or blue versions of these things outside of China. Do they think we only like black and white?

  12. I searched and I found the yinlips G16 is already avaliable to buy directly from Yinlips company on alibaba.com. Keep in mind this portal in mainly aimed for retailers, distributors, etc. (you need to order minimum 500 pcs)

  13. what file format does it play psx games in?

  14. also, is android market installed?