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OD1X-Rebirth: Descent I for OpenDingux

OD1X-Rebirth: Descent I for OpenDingux

February 03, 2012, 06:48:19 PM by qbertaddict

D1X-Rebirth has been ported to OpenDingux!


This is a port of the Descent game for the Dingux, Based on the v0.57 release of the source port project "D1X-Rebirth".
->Steps to install:
Extract all these files in a folder inside the memory card. (I recommend creating a folder in /local/bin named d1x-rebirth, and then copy all the files into /local/bin/d1x-rebirth/s)
Add the .HOG and .PIG file from the original game into the Data folder.
Add a Link into your G2X Menu pointing to d1x-launcher.dge
Create your Pilot and configure the controllers. (I recommend the scheme seen in 'screenshot000.png', but you might use your own)
Play it until you get finger blisters.
->Whats changed from the original?
Menus optimized to use the Dingoo's controllers.
Added keycombos to allow for better controller usage.
Changed key names.
Improved "pause menu" in-game. (transformed the old "QUIT GAME" to a full-fledged, useful menu, access it by hitting SELECT+START)
Added Screen Scaling.
Added Save Autonaming.
Added 320x240/320x200 modes.
->Whats NOT present?
No in-game Music.
->Known Issues.
Small FPS drops inside the "energy tunnels" due to lots of sprites.
Play A LOT of Descent!
A big thanks to Zear for some bits of Code and other bits of Wisdom!

Discuss it here:
Author/Porter: johnnyonflame

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