DingooSNES v1.0

DingooSNES v1.0

February 11, 2012, 02:18:55 PM by jagotu

lion_rsm has released this SNES emulator for dingoo native. It's based on snes9x, so expect similar compatibility.
Warning: Google Translation ahead!


Our compatriot lion_rsm released an excellent emulator console Super Nintendo.
Why is this better than analog emulator?
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Currently under the Dingoo Native OS, there are two alternate emulator SNES: a standard SFC and very advanced PocketSNES. DingooSNES emulator has several advantages over similar products:
- A unified user interface (future emulators of other systems will have the same interface) with user-friendly and intuitive operation;
- High speed emulation, not yielding counterparts, and in some cases superior to them;
- Better compatibility with games through the use of nuclear emulation Snes9X v1.43;
- Support for hardware bilinear scaling using the IPU;
- Support for Games TV standards NTSC and PAL;
- Support for compressed files, ROM games;
- Support for the SNES standard sampling frequency 32 kHz audio;
- Possibility of redefining control keys;
- Safe working emulator for Dingoo, connected to the TV;
- Special startup mode emulator.
Description, installation instructions and other details can be found in the README.

Discuss it here: http://boards.dingoonity.org/dingoo-releases/dingoosnes-v1-0/ or http://a320.freeforums.org/dingoosnes-v1-0-dingoo-a320-native-os-t80.html (Russian)
Author/Porter:  lion_rsm
Download: http://rsm-files.narod.ru/dep/DingooSNES.zip


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