Saturday, February 18, 2012

Dingoo Rom Converter

Dingoo Converter!

February 18, 2012, 10:30:55 AM by jagotu

Update 18-2-2012


I upgraded to version 2.0, which has the option to convert roms .Bin to. o2 and, and change the look slightly.

This utility does all the conversions you could ever need when putting ROMS to your dingoo.


Dingoo Converter V.1.0
Put the files to be converted in the program directory.
Click Convert (and the option you want).
If all went well received Success!
Dingoo Converter is specially designed to convert all at once the
archives. SMC to the new format supported DingooSnes, but also with a bonus
converts other formats!
Dingoo Converter is a conversion (renaming) files. SMC. CFS and
vice versa, and convert. RAR for. ZIP and vice versa. BIN to. MDS and
vice versa, and Gc for GBC and vice versa.
By Flpstr (flpstrquerendoumdingoo!!)

Discuss it here:!
Dingoo Converter v.2.0.rar
Author/Porter: Flpstr (flpstrquerendoumdingoo!!!)

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