Tuesday, February 28, 2012

DinGear - SMS/GG/SG-1000/Colecovision for native Dingoo OS!

DinGear 2.4

February 27, 2012, 02:22:00 AM by qbertaddict

DinGear has been updated. This is a wonderful SMS/GG/SG-1000/Colecovision Emulator for the native OS


Per google translation
About (original):
* Dingear is an emulator for Sega Master System / Game Gear/SG-1000 / * based on Colecovision
* In a heavily modified engine smsplus created specifically for the console Dingoo A320 *.
* Achieves full speed emulation mode and full screen using bilinear filtering *
* The various hardware components and extensions available on hardware * Dingoo
* To the full extent of their capabilities (parallel processing). *
* It is also the first application to make use of my hack vsync (nicknamed "mode HV"). *
* Allowing animations without the usual screen tearing that have been plaguing *
* Programs in the console so far. *
- New cflags for optimization.
- Rearrange items on the menu.
- Audio at 32000 MHz (experimental).
- Based on the source of version 2.3.
- Among other minor changes.
For Flpstr (flpstrquerendoumdingoo!!)

Discuss it here: http://boards.dingoonity.org/dingoo-general/flpstr-has-released-dingear2-4/msg37461/?topicseen#new
dingear v.2.4.rar
Author/Porter: Flpstr
Download: http://dl.openhandhelds.org/cgi-bin/dingoo.cgi?0,0,0,0,71,570

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