Sunday, January 15, 2012

Yinlips announces updated YDPG18 with 1.5ghz chip

Thanks to DrAltaica for the news!


Yinlips smart handheld YDPG18 core A10 upgrade

As the well-known brand tablet game, Yinlips time to provide users with the strong performance of the game flat products, as listed in November last year new 5-inch screen A9, Andrews e palm Q YDPG18 been a lot of the players attention. And today, according to Britain Philip said, YDPG18 officially upgraded A10 core. This product is equipped with 5-inch touch screen, support for 2-point touch, with a 1.5GHz processor, support for 2160P HD playback, 3D video playback, 1080P/3D HDMI dual-mode output with front and rear dual cameras, WiFi Internet access, and also using DVFS + Smart PMU dual-energy technology, and price was only 799 yuan / 8G. It is reported that recently upgraded YDPG18 will be listed, so stay tuned.

Andrews 2160 e palm Q YDPG18 with HD playback capabilities, supporting up to 2160P (3840 × 2160 resolution) high definition video, higher resolution than 1080P. Here, we use e palm Q YDPG18 Andrews to see what nowadays popular movie "Jinling 13 hairpin."

In practical point of view, e charge Q can be YDPG18 Andrews can support 1080P RM / RMVB, MKV (H.264 encoding), AVI, MOV, FLV, MPG, VOB, MPE, DAT, 3GP, MP4 and many other video formats, the user From the Thunder, eMule, ideas, SIMPLECD download 480P, 720P, 1080P, and many other video formats can be encoded directly copyed machine, you can play without transcoding. Meanwhile, the machine also offers high-definition HDMI digital video output interface, supports up to Full HD 1080P video output. HD video can be output to large LCD TV display device, web browsing, software applications, 3D games, also compatible with this feature.

It is reported that Andrews e palm Q YDPG18 A10 will debut an upgraded version of the core, so stay tuned. Interested players please consult the major digital stores, or visit Taobao Mall: understanding.

799 Yuan = approximately $130 USD

It’s also interesting how the press release is focussed on video playback – while I can think of another great reason for a faster chip, the market for these devices in China (from the press release anyway) seems heavily geared towards A/V. Worth remembering, folks.

Update 17/01/12 – these are apparently available from February from isharegifts , but you can pre-order one here if you absolutely need to do something today:


  1. YINLIPS....
    Rymes with like Fish Lips...

  2. Dang and I just ordered one on the 13th..... I should have waited. well then again I might be lucky enough to get the upgraded version. though going to there flagship store they do say it's a A10 but still have it listed as 1.2 ghz here is what is listed in there flagship store (mind you I am using google translator:)

    New program A10, Andrews 2.3 system is available now, to 2-touch screen, touch more sensitive, more stable performance, less power than previous programs, longer-lasting battery endurance, front, rear 1080P HD video camera, factory integration of the whole format of the game when the machine simulator support, Flash 11.0 support.

    8G memory currently no inventory, listed in February 8G memory machines.
    Single Standard: 4G internal charger, a USB cable to a headset a manual a warranty card to send a card 4GTF
    [8G memory now no inventory, stock shelves when we will be the first time]
    Package A: 8G memory, a USB cable a charger headset a manual a warranty card to send a card 4GTF

    1.BOXCHIP A10 1.2G frequency
    2.5.0 Two-inch high definition TFT touch screen
    3 camera, camera function "1080P video camera around the set."
    4 music all format audio decoding, multi-mission play, while listening to music and play games while watching the books can be. Multi-channel output
    5 full-frame video support Support 1080P (1920x1080pixel) decoding support RM / RM VB support PPTV, support for online television, watch movies online, online support for flash player 11 flash player version
    6 wireless wifi capabilities; android (Andrews) 2.3 operating system. Quickly open any site, read the news, office, reading, can be downloaded online. Support page flash display. E-mail, Office office. Support for sending and receiving e-mail, Word, execl software to open. Supports multiple input methods, support handwriting input method support the QQ chat, video chat
    7 supports audio and video output (HDMI),
    8: Support 8bit nes / fc, gb, gbc .16 bit smc, smd, sfc/snes.32bit gba, mame.64bit N64 and Sony PS games, regular 3D PSX (480X272) True HD 3D (800x480) android apk 3D game. Flash11 version of the game, Flash online games supports full-screen touch games, support orientation sensor, gravity sensor game, support network multiplayer game.
    9: E-book function; TXT.Adobe Reader PDF reader. iReader
    10: clock, calendar function;
    11: Support for 3D image switching function.
    12: Support Calculator Function
    13: HDMI 720P to 1080P full HD output
    14: Direct support for hard disk HD movies, digital cameras, mobile phones, U disk, reader and other data to share with each other, support OTG function to connect printers, etc.

    Now as for me Memory is not a big issue, because I am going to purchase a 32GB micro SD from Newegg for $35 and that'll be plenty of memory I'm just curious on how the "improved" battery feature are. After I showed the GTA 3 video link to people in my area there now interested in this system as well.

  3. On there flagship store website they list it as a A10, but still at 1.2 Ghz. they also are adding more internal memory from 4 to 8GB. better touch screen plus the Android 2.3. Unfortunately I just ordered mine from just a couple of days ago, and I have no idea which version I'll be getting. hopefully it'll be the upgraded model.

    1. it is only if you buy directly there if you want it shippeed it is always 4g in the yin lips they just send an external memory card with 4g

  4. Nobody seems to noticed the most interesting part: "This product is equipped with 5-inch touch screen, support for 2-POINT touch"
    Does it mean a capacitive multi-touch screen? This could be an improvement much more useful than added processing power, wich is good enough on current G18. More RAM would be useful too...


  5. Preorder now on isharegift 160USD

  6. So does this one fix the bug with the L, R, and OK buttons?

    On the last model, pressing any of them would cancel the actions of the other buttons.
    I mean, the thing's a beaut, but it's junk if you can't throw stuff in Mario Kart without stopping. Or shoot and jump in Contra on the NES. o-o

  7. Isharegift? No thanks... one of the worst store on the net...

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