Alien Grey posts new firmware for Dingoo A380

New Dingoo A380 firmware backup/unbricker.
Enabled NEO-GEO zip support.
Enabled CPS1 fba support.
Download and extract the Dingoo A380 FBA Conversion Tool from Dingoo Technology. Copy the from the rom folder to your Dingoo A380 neogeo folder with your neogeo rom zips.
It's also possible to convert CPS1 zip files to fba to store them in the Dingoo A380 CPS1 folder.
I also tried to enable sg support for SEGA Master System but it didn't work. There' only sound and no graphics.
I've tried to fix the emulator option issues but it also didn't work. It's strange that there's only 1.8mb of free space on the ext2 partition. It should be enough to save the emulator configuration files but it's impossible to copy them all to the EXT2 partition. Some of the files on the EXT2 are corrupt. I think that the reason why emulator settings can't be saved and some of the options can't be changed is because of the files become corrupt when they are written to the partition.
There's one thing that I didn't try and that is to format the EXT2 partition and then try to use the firmware MicroSD with the formatted EXT2 partition in my Dingoo A380. Maybe someone should try that and if it doesn't work just overwrite it again with the backup/unbricker.


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