Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Yinlips YDPG18 now for sale at isharegifts.com USD$125.95 with Free Shipping

Scared of dealing with Taobao agents? Our very good friends at www.isharegifts .com currently have the Androoid based Yinlips YDPG 18 in stock for sale at USD$125.95 with FREE SHIPPING!
If you’re interested: http://www.isharegifts.com/yinlips-android-game-console-wifi-tablet-mp4-p-1573.html

YINLIPS Android Game Console WIFI Tablet MP4
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YINLIPS Android Game Console WIFI Tablet MP4 YINLIPS Android Game Console WIFI Tablet MP4 YINLIPS Android Game Console WIFI Tablet MP4 YINLIPS Android Game Console WIFI Tablet MP4 YINLIPS Android Game Console WIFI Tablet MP4

YINLIPS Android Game Console WIFI Tablet MP4

Retail Price: $0.00
Our Price: $125.95
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Available Options:
In stock
Leaves Warehouse:
3 Business Days
Air Mail: 15-25 business days
DHL: 3-7 business days
TNT: 3-7 business days
Retro game console or Android tablet? This new YINLIPS WIFI Android Game Consol combines retro game console and tablet computer. Supporting supporting Emulates: NES, SNES, GB/GBC/GBA, Mega Drive, MAME, N64, PSX, Flash 10.X games. Allowing you to play games via WIFI connecting. At the same time, the Android 2.2 makes it a cute mini tablet and have an excellent HDMI output. PSP 3000? No, only a copy game console.


  1. I am very interested in this device, but do not know the isharegifts, someone has bought this site? What was the experience?

  2. I just bought from isharegifts yesterday the the process is not as nice as you would like. I chose the white version and chose the option of HongKong registered mail because it is supposed to have a tracking number. Shortly after I placed my order I recieved this email:
    The comments for your order are

    Thank you for your order. Please note that we will send out your order tomorrow. Normally it will take you about 15-20 business days to receive it. Because of the upcoming Christmas, shipping will be a little delay. Thank you for your patience. By the way, we are very sorry that the white colour is out of stock. We will send you the black one. Thanks.

    Your order has been updated to the following status.

    New status: Delivered

    I sent an email to see if the fact that I chose HongKong registered mail would still mean it could would be 20+ days and if I would be able to track it since I paid an extra $6, but I have not recieved an email back. So customer service is not great and I don't like the fact that they just shipped a different color without asking me. I just hope it will be trackable and that I will actually get it eventually. I'll post again if I have any other problems, but this is the kind of service you can expect would be my guess.

  3. I also made a request for a device, and have received no tracking number ... my stat that is as "delivered" ... I sent email requesting the tracking number, because I paid for it and have not responded yet, hope I have not trouble with this purchase, I made the request because I trust the Dingoo-blogspot ...

  4. i bought one from this site, and have yet to receive it. It said it will arrive in 3-5 business days, but only because i paid the extra $22 shipping. Today will be day three, and I ordered a black one. Hoping that I don't have the same issue as above, seeing how I paid extra. Hopefully your guys works out well, too!

  5. Hello my friends, this is Allen from isharegifts.com. We apologize for this delay. Normally we will arrange to send out orders the next day after you placed orders on our website. We need to test the consoles to make sure they are in good condition when you receive it. At the same time, it will be some delay for the shipping because of the upcoming Christmas Day. Normally it will take you about 15-20 business days to receive when selecting" Hongkong register air mail". We suggest you select "DHL" shipping way if you want to receive them in a short time. To let us offer you the tracking number, we wonder if you guys can email us your order ID, and we will offer you tracking number after that that. Thanks.

  6. Allen,
    Thanks for caring enough to post here. I am the one that posted the email that you guys sent to me. To be honest I am not surprised in the time that it will take to get my order, but I wish that it was more clear on your website when I placed my order. When I chose Hongkong registered mail it says 5-8 days and why did I have the option of choosing white when there were none in stock? I did get a tracking number from you but for other people they should know that it took about 4 days for any information to be available on it. I order on the 14th and it says it it now being processed for departure on the 19th. I am pretty easy going so the time it takes to be delivered and the change in color is not a big deal to me, but I know some people would be really upset. I am really glad that you guys at isharegifts are following up with emails and posts to try and explain the situation. I know most of the complications are out of your hands and other companies that I have worked with don't care once they have my money so thanks again for at least acknowledging there is a problem and being apologetic about it.

  7. We understand this inconvenience, my friends. As it is coming near to Christmas Day, shipping will be a little delay. Yes, the parcel is supposed to arrive you within 5-9 business days. But we are afraid that it can not now. Normally it will take you about 15-20 business days to receive it after our deliver. We ship from Hongkong. And now Hongkong post is under a heavy burden every day because of the upcoming Christmas Day. But we will try our best to do our best so that they you receive the item in a short time. We suggest you select" DHL" as shipping way if you really need it very urgently. We will keep following comments here. Also, we will reply you promptly as soon as we receive your email. Feel free to get back to us via email if you have any questions on your order. Our email address is: sales@isharegifts.com. Finally, we wish you guys a merry Christmas Day.