YDPG18 and JXD S7100 News

I received the following news from Allen at isharegifts.com:

We bring you some news about the YPDG18 and JXD S7100.

Currently, the YPDG18 is out of stock now. We may restock it back on 10th, Jan. The factory is making a new version for YPDG18 whose capacity will rank from 2GB,4GB to 8GB( the one we sold before is with 4GB but comes with a 4GB memory card). This new updated version will come out soon. We will let you know as soon as we get it back.

For JXD S7100, the factory is considering the one with resistive screen( the one we sold is capacitive screen). We will let you know as soon as we get the new one.

If JXD develop an S7100 with a resistive screen, I’d hope the price will come way down! IMHO, that’s the only redeeming feature of the S7100.


  1. When comparing the two, the resistive screen on the YPDG18 was a dealbreaker. A resistive S7100 with no shoulder buttons? That's a double whammy in my mind. I'd rather wait to ensure that I can get something with a capacitive screen.

  2. Isharegift sell resistive JXD s7100.
    I bought capacitive console, but I received a crappy resistive console!

  3. I intended to buy capacitive JXD S7100, but i get crappy resistive too. might be my misunderstood , how i know there are 2 different version of S7100. oh my bad luck for new year.

  4. Now JXD S7100 with resistive price is up too 150$ (include shipping) and capacitive is 180$. oh my god. now PS Vita seem more worthy


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