Saturday, December 17, 2011

Win a YDPG18 … or a Canoo!

Over at the GP32x forums, the Open Consoles Community, supported by and jumiss are offering the chance to win a YDPG18 (1st Prize) or a Caanoo (2nd prize!). Enter now!

The Open Consoles Community is proud to announce a SPECIAL EVENT !
The Christmas Contest scheduled 17th and 18th december 2011 is now sponsored by the online shop IshareGifts.
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Thus, it's not ONE gift that we offer, but TWO.
the first prize will be the brand new Yinlips YDP-G18 !
Thank you IshareGifts for this great honor .
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The competition will be tough to hope to win first prize.
But don't worry, the second prize is just as exceptional
since a brand new Caanoo can be won !
Thank you To.Jumiss for your donation.
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So go here and nowhere else Saturday, December 17th :


You have to register here : .
Answers must be given to me by PM before Sunday the 18th December 2011, 23h59 (GM+1 Paris).

Sponsors :
IshareGifts : http://www.isharegif...mp4-p-1573.html
To.Jumiss :

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