A message from isharegifts.com about shipping times for YDPG18

I’ve got a lot of faith in isharegifts.com – they’ve been very good to this site, and always done everything they’ve said they would do.

To the winners of the Dingoo competitions, I hope some of your prizes will be arriving soon. I have no doubt you will all get them!

Allen from isharegifts.com requested I post this on their behalf, to explain a few things about shipping times from Shenzen, China, where they are based:

To let more people know about our shipping policy, we wonder if you can post below shipping information for isharegifts:

1. Shipping from isharegifts will be arranged and send out on the next day after placing orders.( Each Yinlips_YDPG18 will be tested carefully before we send it out, which needs time)

2. Normally it will take about 15-20 business days to receive the item via Hongkong register air mail. Tracking number can be offered after contacted via Email. We suggest people can understand shipping will be a little delay as it is coming near to Christmas Day and New Year.

3. We suggest people select" DHL" if they want to receive the console in a short time. Normally it will take about 3-7 business days to receive it after delivery.

4. There will be no customs fee or Tax fee for Hongkong register air mail, register air mail or DHL. We will declare a very low price to customs in order to reduce customs fee.

5. For customers from Italy, we strong suggest them to select" DHL" instead of" Hongkong register air mail or air mail". We can not ship via register air mail or air mail to Italy, because Italian customs will hold on the console after they inspection.

We will appreciated with your great help.

Please be patient everyone; at this time of the year, postal systems do go crazy. They appear to me to be an honest and ethical dealer of YDPG18s (among other things) who are trying hard for all their customers.


  1. Sorry for my poor English.

    Isharegifts honest and ethical?
    They suggest to select DHL and after payment ship via Airmail.
    They sell s7100 capacitive screen but send resistive.
    They say they have consoles in stock, but after the payment they say they do not have available, so you have to wait one month...

    The worst store on the net!

  2. We had well received your defective product.We will arrange you a new one

  3. I agree. Isharegifts sucks big time.

  4. I got today my parcel. I like it!!! Thanks.


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