Ale gets Shadowgun running on YDPG18!

Ale reports success in getting Shadowgun – this game - running on the YDPG18!:

Ale writes:

I got Shadowgun working on my Yinlips.
Using chainfire3d openGL driver, I installed the nvidia plugin and reduced texture size.
Graphically means a little blocky textures but the game is still fantastic to see and very smooth to play.
Unfortunately qbertaddict says he couldn't make chainfire work on his g18 because of a script deleting it at every boot...
I'm not sure how I can run it because it's my first android machine and I'm not such a guru (yet...:-))
I had to reset to factory defaults my yinlips a couple of times and the second one I couldn't backup all my apps so maybe my current configuration works with chainfire by pure chance... and I DON'T reccomend it, cause I lost some stuff.
If someone knows how to do it properly maybe it would help...
Anyway, Shadowgun rocks on g18!

Ale, please do a video! Happy New Year!


  1. I'll post a video soon but I won't have my camera with me until january 5... so please be patient a little more... :-)


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