Tuesday, November 29, 2011

PocketSNES v2.2 For The Dingoo A320 Native OS

PocketSNES v2.2 For The Dingoo A320 Native OS

Today at 09:53:58 AM by qbertaddict

gottaX updated reesey's pockesnes. This version adds support for S-DD1 games. Thanks goes to a320.emulate.ru for the news!


Google Translation:
Our compatriot gottaX updated wonderful Super Nintendo emulator called PocketSNES for Dingoo A320 Native OS.
Drank a little different port emulator Pocketsnes authored Reesy. Now supported by the game with a chip S-DD1 (though there are only two: Star Ocean and Street Fighter Alpha 2).

Author/Porter: gottax, reesey
Download: http://depositfiles.com/files/mfzb1el2o


  1. That doesn't really add much to the library, but I'm always glad just to see some native OS development.

  2. How do the games run now with 2.2? I can recall that the earlier versions of the pocketsnes emu improved gameplay greatly from the native emu, but, it still wasn't perfect.

    Do I have to install dingux or can we finally play snes on the native OS?