Tuesday, October 4, 2011

How to fix Dingoo A320 Charging Problems

Our Russian brothers at a320emulate.su have posted this great Google translated tip on how to fix Dingoo A320 charging issues:

Size does matter, or again about the problems with charging Dingoo A320

Users often complain Dingoo A320 problems with charging. Of the symptoms can be listed as follows:

  • Dingoo A320 can not finish the charging
  • The prefix a report on completion of charging, but is cut down after power outage
  • Strange sounds, which publishes the screen while charging
  • Other

Do not hurry to flee for a new battery. As recently as today, I personally have seen this - decided it is very easy. Use chunky cable USB-miniUSB. In my case, all issues decided by replacing the cable to the short cord from the USB-modem.
The fact that the cable that is included Dingoo A320 is poor in quality. Yes, and chargers in the latest models, to put it mildly, "skinny» - 400-500 ma against the "early" at 700 mA. If the combination of the "native cable" and the charger in the early deliveries of working more than reasonably well, the last delivery is the usual "drawdown" stress on thin cables and Dingoo A320 will not charge.
Yes! And never use a cable, tape measure, they are usually more subtle and mediocre quality.

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