Saturday, October 22, 2011

Dingoo A330LE’s on special at DX!

Dingoo A330LE Portable 3.0

Dingoo A330LE Portable 3.0" LCD Game Console MP3/MP4 Player with FM/TV-out/Micro SD - White (4GB)

For 4 days and counting down, DX has the A330LE’s for $59.99, save $22.21 on the normal price:


  1. So, does this work like the regular A320, with dingux and all that?

  2. No, the Dingoo A330LE is a light version of the Gemei A330 (without wireless communication AFAIK). It is not compatible with the Dingoo A320 so no Dingux for it, only the native OS with native emulators.

  3. Thanks Robert, I guess no deal then.

  4. Sorta confused, so it costs more because there's no wireless..? and does it make sense? I mean the A320 had more compatibility, did it not?