Wednesday, October 12, 2011

And the winner is … Atanas Todorov

Y’all thought I forgotten, didn’t you?

Thank you for all your entries. As kindly dictator, I declare Atanas Todorov, of Bulgaria who made these lovely (PG-13, but what the hey) pictures for us the WINNER of the Dingoo Scene Strip For Dingoo Competition. He tried the hardest, and even made these ones, which I now post:

dingoo 1 dingoo 2 dingoo 3 dingoo 4 dingoo 5

… while declaring Atanas Emperor of Dingoo Photoshopper (Second cousin to the King of Iron Fist)!

Congratulations and thank you Atanas, I shall email you regarding your prize!

Hah! Next time, y’all better take these competition posts seriously, eh?


  1. Yeah, was wondering about who was going to win... Not me :'( ... but Atanas' pix were awesome :)

  2. I participated, and I must admit that the winner has made great pics... Congrats to him !