Sunday, September 18, 2011

vmu Dingoo – Now for Opendingux


And with the rebirth of the scene Dingoo, we have the new port of the VMU Dingoo ...

Now you can use the emulator in OpenDingux!

dc green VMU VMU Dingoo

The VMU (memory card the Dreamcast) had the ability to store mini-games, small games that can be played without the intervention of a console. One of the most widely used Mini-Games VMUs was in Chao Adventure 2, Sonic Adventure 2, which allowed the player to "carry" your Chao VMU to the main game, and do things not possible in the game, how to get seeds to plant in your Chao Garden, name it, participate in "adventures" with her Chao, etc.. Other Dreamcast games also had their own mini-games to VMU, though not the majority.

The roms must be in. Vms (detail: there are some homebrews on file for you to test).

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