Monday, September 5, 2011

New Opendingux Dingoo Linux Flavour … it’s smelling good!

First OpenDingux developer pre-release

Today at 02:03:33 PM by qbertaddict

Its been a long time coming but here it is! The first release of OpenDingux. This is a very early developer version so not everything will work out of the box. You should give it a try it is really, really, nice. Just make sure you read the wiki before taking the plunge:


We are very happy to announce the first developer pre-release of OpenDingux. OpenDingux is intended to replace the current (legacy) Dingux, offering a more modern and standardized distribution that is actively maintained. We try to make the transition as easy as possible and we need help from Dingux application developers and porters for that. Therefore we made this pre-release, so you can check whether your Dingux software works under OpenDingux as well.

Discuss it here:
zx81's emulators compiled for OpenDingux are located here:'s-emulators-for-opendingux/
Picodrive for OpenDingux is here:
Author/Porter: ayla,mth
Download Kernel Source:
Download Rootfs Source:

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