Sunday, September 18, 2011

DinguxCommand 2.1 – Chinese Font Support

DinguxCommand 2.1 - Chinese support

Today at 11:05:45 AM by jagotu

If you want Chinese language support in Dingux Commander, download this.


thanks mia share his "dinguxcommand src"..
i have modified dinguxcommand2.1 for supporting chinese fonts..
what's new? chinese fonts
2.change font a little bigger
3.change V-keyboard's layout from 5 to 3...only keep english A-Z a-z 0-9 and some symbol...
if you want view chinese txt file,then you must change txt file to UTF-8..
if you dont need chinese filename can only raplace dinguxcommander.dge,and raname ttf file to wy_scorpio.ttf.. :)

Discuss it here:
Author/Porter: wy_scorpio

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