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September 11, 2011, 02:38:30 PM by jagotu

The already great dingux-vectrex has been update again! This release fixes a sound and crash bug. The download link has been updated
Better vectrex emulator based on caanoo-vectrex by Coccijoe! You can enjoy vector graphics on a portrait screen!


Hi, this a new emulator vectrex for dingoo, it's based on caanoo-vectrex (by zx-81).
This emulator is much faster than my other port, and there nice options.
I just try it on OpenDingux, please tell me if it run on legacy dingux too.
Roms have to be in the rom folder and Overlay in the "Over" folder.
Be carrefull about the overlay name
for exemple
.bin -> rom name
_rot90.png -> first overlay
_norm.png -> second overlay
I included some roms and Overlay (public Domain)

Discuss it here:
Author/Porter: Coccijoe
Download Source:

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