Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Shin-Nil tells: How to program with nLove

APPETIZER TUTORIAL: PROGRAMMING WITH LOVE (NLOVE) ( http://www.dingoobr.com/tutorial-aperitivo-programando-com-love-nlove/#more-4653 )

16/08/2011 | Posted by: Shin-Nil

Appetizer love1 Tutorial: Programming with Love (nLove)


Lately, I've noticed a great interest of the owners of dingoes, particularly members of the forum dingoobr in programs for the device. A proof is the large number of comments and hits to our littletutorial on how to build applications for Dingux . This post was written some time ago, and from there to here, a lot has changed and there were few alternatives to programming hardcore C / C + +.Among the new options we may mention the library in Python Pygame , carried by Brazilian Eric Garden, and the engine LOVE, carried by under the name of sience nLove .

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