Thursday, August 11, 2011

Coccijoe posts BennuGD Engine for Dingux!

CocciJoe posted in Russian Dingoo site the link for a game engine BennuGD and some links to games based on it
to play the games you'll need the libs ( unpack "bgd-runtime" in the /local/games/ directory).

The beta version is available for bennuGd Dingux, for the moment without her, but it is expected to be many new games under Dingux. I have not tried, I test and I made ​​a small return. Download it here Edit: ok it looks to test run: Copy bennugd-runtime 3dengine demo in game and then start 3denginedemo . dpe it launches a demo to check the operation I will test it with games now but I guess it needs some modification, we will games freefall Epic Solitaire (select the virtual mouse) SmallBall Skylark To use the games, check bennugd-runtime is in / game and run the file. dge found in the archives as with any other games in Dingux

What is Bennu?

Bennu, a Fenix fork from Fenix 0.93, is an interpreted programming language aimed at making games. It is designed in such a way, the graphical, sound and threading systems are easier to use, which makes Bennu a powerful language, not only for beginners, but also for experienced programmers.

The BennuGD core is completely portable, it can be compiled for any platform, given there is a C compiler for it. The core contains the compiler, interpreter and runtime library. Bennu Modules use SDL for many of the basic functionality. Because of this, even the BennuGD modules are portable to many operating systems: Windows, Linux, GP2X Wiz, BeOS/Haiku, MacOS X, even consoles and handhelds like Dreamcast, GP2x or Wii. This makes it much fun to code in Bennu: your games can be played on your console, without modification!

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