Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Strip for Dingoo Competition

We get readers from all over the world, so RESPECT, I say, to our Russian friends, for this sort of inspirational activity:

The above video asks the young and gorgeous of Russia to tear off their tank tops for Vladimir Putin (read more here: While admittedly, even Putin cannot match Dominique Strauss Kahn for sheer manliness, he must surely come a close second, so to speak. Down under in boring old Australia, there are no politicians like Vladimir Putin who can inspire this sort of passion (except maybe, this guy), so we have to make our own fun, and so I announce today, in direct competition to that other competition:

The Dingoo-Scene Strip for Dingoo competition!

Get a hot babe to tear off their togs (or do it yourself) while holding a Dingoo-type device of any kind, and email your pictures or video links to (Or just frickin’ use photoshop – we’re not precious about this sort of thing).

Bonus points if you’re Russian.

CompeTITion ends when I say so. The best entry will win one of these: (which translates to “Gadgetmiser will pay up to $17.40 for pictures of hot babes.”)

Here’s something to get those competition juices flowing:


Разве что Dingoo в кармане, или ты просто рад меня видеть?

I expect great things.

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