Friday, July 1, 2011

$10 nD console … I’ll take 2?

mrLogan has drawn our collective attention to a brand new dream console, cheap enough for a cereal box with funky coloured buttons AND wifi …

Check out the nD …


Here’s wazzit all about:

What is the nD?
The nD is a new open indie handheld gaming device currently under development by a team led by "bob's game" creator, Robert Pelloni.

How much will the nD cost?
The current target price for the nD is $10-20. It is being sold at cost with no markup. "It costs ten dollars because that's what they cost to make."

When will the nD be released?
The nD is currently in the prototyping phase. The first batch could possibly release by the end of 2011, although 2012 is a more realistic date. The target release date is currently "before the Wii U launch."

How will the nD be sold?
The first batch of nD units will be sold online through this website. As manufacturing ramps up, the nD will become available at retail locations. In the future, you can also expect to see the nD available at several non-traditional locations, such as a unit being given away with certain movie tickets or in kids meals.

Will the nD be released worldwide?
Yes! The nD will be shipped worldwide.
What is the nD's target demographic?
The nD's target demographic will be children ages 6-12, although it will appeal to a wide range of ages besides those.

What is the appeal of the nD?
The appeal of the nD will be both it's low price of entry and the open nature of development. The low price will help attract a wide range of customers, and the open development process will help attract a wide range of developers. It is a win-win for both the customer and the developer.

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  1. well well well ... and I just bought dingoo
    I supose that the dingoo looksa lot more stylish :-) AND i do not have to wait a year (until it is in shops) + 1 month (until it comes into my countrey) +2 months (until the post office in my contrey find out it is tax free )

  2. I'm following th nD with interest, but right now it's total vaporware... with luck Bob will show us the real thing soon... we'll see...

  3. Yeah I've been following this, but there's a lot of speculation that's just part of a big hoax; something this guy is apparently known for. Assuming he plans to really roll this out, I just wish it was designed to play say, Game Maker games. I love the idea of being able to design my own portable games, but I'm really not interested in learning C++ to make it happen.

  4. Why Why? Not for this i ordered a dingoo for 79$ to see a portable for 10$ What is specification?

    Greetings from Poland :)

  5. Ok i have the specs its gonna be like dingoo! Noo! and they planing to give one in every happy meal. Why? Maybe later will be given to every pack of crisps? Or will be given away for free? Jeshh...

  6. If it's just 2gb internal then it will struggle imo. The dingoo offers expanding memory and video out. If it could improve it's codec playing it would be pretty flawlss given the community support it has. Good look to them though. If it's real.