Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Windows 3.1 on Dingoo

Here’s a stellar achievement from coccijoe: (Thanks to perradingoo for the tip!)

Don’t forget to ask why!

Windows 3.1 on Dingux

Recently, I had fun trying to install Windows 3.1 on my Dingoo:)
and I succeeded! (y 'some good flat anyway)
I go through DosBox, the "beta test" of Slaanesh, and not the alpha, which is available on his blog.
I'll let you watch some videos.

Here you can see the launch of the Windows installation

Following some problems with installing the printer: /

Completing the installation and first boot of windows

And the launch of Windows

I want to clarify that it is not really "useful", as you can see it's still slow, although once the shipments are made one moves pretty well I doubt we can use games bigger as solitaire and minesweeper.

More for the moment I can not use the mouse buttons, it comes from this version of DOSBox that I use on the previous virtual mouse had no problems. So I seek a solution either side of dosbox, mouse or windows to try to make it more manageable, and for me at least one deminer ^ ^ and test other software too small.

I would publish a tutorial, if this version of dosbox and see the day that I set the mouse problem (I'm already on some tracks).

Tell me what you think;)

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  1. Thanks but I am perro not perra :) perrodingoo.
    I think Win 3.1 it's only for fun, nothing serious. Dingoo A320 it's too weak for good emulation through DOSbox ( IMHO!).
    In my opinion Windows 2.x or 1.x will run better and faster.
    Some Russian user said about ARM support in Windows 8, and other said about WinCE emulation. I think they are not serious ;)