Monday, June 6, 2011

NJ Pocket – Shock horror – they really are 16 bit games!

Remember this elcheapo 60 in one game player that allegedly has “16 bit games”?? Imagine my surprise – it really does!

Main Product Picture - click to enlarge

A few have started arriving in users’ hands.  Here is an early recipient’s review from DX:

Thursday, June 02, 2011 5:21 AM

Fine arrived today, I had a hour or so to check it out.
But first, here's the pictures.
It's a nice, heavy device. It has a single audio speaker on the back, and a directional pad that is comprised of separate buttons (and not really that good). Buttons are hard to press.
img src:
The resolution of the screen, is really low as I suspected.
img src:
The hardware supports some pretty colored graphics, and some simple paralax scrolling.
img src:
The games are, never the less, pretty humdrum. Pretty sprites, mostly ripped off some other platforms, but bad coding and shoddy gameplay abound.
Here are some additional captures from the video out plug (the device is apparently NTSC, by the way). It is pretty clean for what it is:
img src:
img src:
img src:

Mine came too! You know what, for US$17.40 shipped, you could do a lot lot worse. I rate this one a buy. Get one here:

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