Wednesday, June 22, 2011

coccijoe’s Minesweeper for Dingux

[Dingux] Deminor

Hello, here is a new small portage Dingux. It's "Deminor," created by a deminer for axelorque wiz, I based on the version of the Motorola ZN5 worn by EXL (thank you;)). For those who do not know the game of Minesweeper, the principle is simple. make sure not to reveal a bomb box, your only clues are the numbers shown in some cells. They give you the number of bombs in the adjacent squares. By inference you should figure out where the bombs and therefore indicate a small flag. Keys Start: Revealing a box X: Set a flag R: Reset Select: Exit Up, down left, right: to untie the grid downloads Deminor -> the gameDeminor -> Source code Deminor -> another link Have fun;) to discuss on dingoomania or dingoonity

Thanks again to perrOdingoo for the newz!:)

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