Thursday, June 23, 2011

coccijoe shows how to run Lands of Lore on Dingux ScummVM
Land of Lore on Dingux

Hi, I slaved for a while trying to run a Land of Lore Dingux on the latest version of ScummVM, without success ... In fact we must use the version in development that can be found on this page ( devellopement latest build) is actually version 1.4.0 unfinished, unstable, a type of beta if they want, for the moment I have no problem with Land of Lore, but I still advise to keep ScummVM 1.3.0 for other games.

the beginning of the game

and a little further to show that it runs well ...

(Video coming soon)

How to play?

If you want to play, you need the version of ScummVM I send above and the cd version of the game (I could not with the floppy disk version).

With Daemon Tools (for example, but another virtual drive will do) open the cd copy all the folders and files in a folder name of your choice.

Copy "kyra.dat" present in the file of ScummVM to the game folder "data".

In the emulator folder rename "scmmvm" to "scummvm.elf" and copy "scummvm.gpe" which is provided with latest release (1.3.0) in the same folder as "scummvm.elf".

Put the file of the emulator and the game folder on your miniSD card (ideally: / local / emulators / for the first and: / local / emulator / scummvm 1.4.0/jeux / for the second).

Like any installation create a link to scummvm.gpe and run the emulator.

Install your game "Lands of Lore" in ScummVM by pointing the "data" folder.

Have fun!

Posted by Coccijoe


  1. great game, would love to beat it on the dingoo... Last time i tried getting scummVM run a game i failed, but lands of Lore is worth another try.

  2. i did as statet here and it works like a charm. The mouse speed in Scummvm/LoL is a little low and fights tend to get hectic, but you can adjust difficulty to counter that.