Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Cheap Chinese Company seeks Cheap Labour

I make no secret of the fact that we here at Dingoo-Scene absolutely love DX.  We love it because it epitomises all that is changing the world in the gadget space. We love it because it sells anything you could ever hope, for a fraction of local retail.  We love it because they always ship or refund. And we love it because it is our window to the mysterious market known as China, from where the next big thing resembling a Dingoo will surely come.

We also love it because they’re prepared to make offers like this one, which face it, like THAT offer, can’t be refused:

DealExtreme Innovation Internship Program

by DealExtreme under Inside DX

Are you bored and need a change?

Do you have no friends, or all your friends have gone for the summer?

Forced to do nerdy summer job or attend some geeky summer courses?

If you are looking for an escape or just something fun, new and exciting, then you are in luck.

Currently DealExtreme is offering an overseas exchange program, called DealExtreme Innovation Internship Program, for young educated eager students who would like to be part of our team joining some of our daily work and sharing ideas with us. You will get the chance to be a part of our extreme geek team as well as test and play with new and exciting trend setting electronic gadgets and gizmos.

By participating in DealExtreme Innovation Internship Program, you will be provided the round-trip ticket with accommodation & meals available. And all products at DealExtreme are available for you to review. It is also a great opportunity to spend your summer travelling and meeting new people in Shenzhen, China, a glorious city.

Interested? Have no other options? Then, keep reading:

What are the requirements?

1. This Program is open to all countries. But English is a mandatory requirement so that we do not have to use body language to communicate all the time.

2. Your passport must be problem free, which means you can not be a criminal, you must be free to travel overseas, as well as, have no record of previous problems.

3. Be a geek or nerd and have knowledge of electronic products, and have good writing skills. It would be better if you have written product reviews before.

4. A number of product reviews are required during the period you stay. Do not worry, we will not ask you to write anything in Chinese.

5. Be willing to think outside the box to create interesting content for our readers.

6. Have the ability to learn fast and collaborate with a team of geeks and nerds.

7. You have to work here for at least 2 months.

NOTE: The position has no salary due to the price of flight and accommodation & meals. This should not be a problem as China has a not too high cost of living and an abundance of fun activities, especially for the shopper in you.

What’s the main job?

1. Write product reviews in your native language.

2. Share your ideas with us.

3. Assist us in shooting creative videos; you can have the chance to be the star!

4. Customer service staff training

5. Social media promotion

6. Help in new version of multi-lingual DX website.

If you can meet all the requirements above and are looking for the opportunity to have fun working vacation, and achieve your creative and freaking awesome ideas, hurry up and join us!

How to join in this program?

1. Submit your application via internship@mail.dealextreme.com before 1st June (GMT-6).

2. A copy of your passport, degree or diploma or other relevant education documents, DX account, forum account and a writing sample should be included in the application.

3. Chinese VISA is a must. If any documents are needed for the visa process, please inform us in advance. But we are afraid you need to pay the small fees of processing your Chinese VISA.

4. You will have to pay for the ticket first and DX will reimburse you upon arrival.

5. Get everything ready before you leave. Oh, don’t forget to take your girl/boy friend’s photo since you can not see her/him for at least 2 months.

6. You will be required to sign NDA from DealExtreme.com once you work here.

Working Period:

We would appreciate a working period of 2 months for flight re-imbursement.

Come to DealExtreme once you are enrolled. But please make sure everything is in order, including your visa, before you leave your hometown. As explained we will be responsible for any fees of the flight and accommodation&meals.

How many applicant we invite?

2-4 Applicants

This is an on-going program. We will invite more next time if you are not available this holiday!

Stop thinking about it and act now!

Come join our DX team of geeks. With limited time to apply for the summer positions act now. Your friends will surely be jealous when tell them how great your summer was. Enjoy your summer with the chance to bleed your creative mind dry, not to mention exploring the marvels of this 24 hour city.


(Warning – don’t handover your passport on arrival:) If perchance you do, perhaps one day we’ll receive a blog comment: “Help, I’m being held prisoner reviewing flashlights and GBA clones in a cubicle.”)


  1. I travelled through China quite a few years ago and it was accepted that whenever you checked into a hotel you would leave your passport.

    Stayed in one place in Beijing - they locked us into our room for the night!

  2. Help, I’m being held prisoner reviewing flashlights and GBA clones in a cubicle. :-)

  3. No payage ? LOL, Foxxcon-Style !