Monday, May 2, 2011

Vectrex emulator for Dingux


Today at 03:54:49 AM by qbertaddict

Finally a vectrex emulator for Dingux!


Translated from Google
Hello, this is my porting vecx Dingux for a Vectrex emulator on linux jhawthorn.
I helped Dingoo-vecx who had been brought on by nzeemin native bone.
the archive contains some Roma and overlay the right size.
When installing the emulator to do use the "file browser" in order to launch your roms.
overlays are in the same folder as the roms must be validated on the 2nd file when you select the Roma run (I do not know if I am very clear on this ...).
Otherwise the basic keys
a / b / x / y "fire"
up / down / left / right
select to leave
the emulator runs at a speed suitable time to launch the game is a bit long, a small overclock does not hurt
I intend to add sound in the second version, but I'm afraid it's too slow emulator to do so ...
I have not tested with all games, please give me some feedback

Author/Porter: coccijoe
Download Source:

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