Tuesday, May 24, 2011

How to access the Gamebox’s internal memory to transfer ROMS!

Ruffnutts has emailed through a great tip from akumaevil  on how to access the internal memory of the Gamebox!

Gamebox Internal Memory Access

Its now possible to connect the gamebox to the computer via usb using only the gamebox and a USB cable no AC or RGB
needed or it wont work.
Simply Plug the gamebox into the PC via USB and quickly press and hold L1+R1+Right and wait for it to install the Driver once installed it comes up like a pen drive and you can Access the internal memory for deleting and putting Games on the gamebox,There`s three folders GAMES,IMAGES,SYSTEM...check dingoonity forums under other Systems for more....
Thanks to akumaevil for letting us know ruffnutts :-)

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  1. it works its works..... but a question remains.. mame roms? which version...? dingoo mame roms dont work.. cps2 and neo geo mvs roms work :)